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Advertising with Solar Journal allows you to reach a unique audience of interested consumers whose are seeking information on sustainable energy.

We offer a multi-platform advertising approach to assist your company in delivering its marketing and brand messaging to our targeted audience. For rates and additional information, please request for our 2022 media kit.


Free magazine
『SOLAR JOURNAL (ソーラージャーナル)』

Solar Journal is printed quarterly with a print base of 50,000 and has an estimated readership of over a quarter million.It is a free magazine that distributed to mainly EPC companies, solar power generation operators, local governments and DIY stores etc.

ソーラージャーナル vol.28
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vol.29 Spring Issue / release on April,2019
vol.30 Summer Issue/release on July,2019

There are several ways to advertise with printed Solar Journal including Pure Advertisement, advertorial, and pure+advertorial.



Our exceptional design department can produce your ad, subject to your approval. Professional photography and logo design can also be arranged at a competitive cost for those who require it. If you already have one, just simply send us the data! Request our media kit for specs and rates.



To realize the highest reproduction quality, we prefer ads be submitted digitally to our design team. Acceptable file formats include PDF, hi-res JPG, EPS, InDesign and/or Illustrator files. If we create your ad for you, one emailed proof will be sent for your review and approval before the magazine goes to press.



Direct online traffic to your company’s website with a one-click link from a section sponsorship ad placed at the top of the page. Our website, receives nearly 100,000 hits per month. Online readership is more diversified and so this is considered by many to be the best advertising method for appealing their company.

Options for digital advertising including web post, banner and E-mail blasts.


■Web article

Enhance your presence in the magazine with editorial product placement or a feature story. Contact us for more details!


■Web banner

There are three banner positions available for online advertising. Request our media kit for specs and rates.


E-mail blasts

Our digital newsletter, is emailed once a week with a full roster of our stories, plus upcoming events in both Japan and overseas.

Note: We offer discounts to not-for-profit organizations as well as discounts for advertising on both the print and web platforms.


Advertising Inquiry

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If you are interested in bundling various advertising options – both digital and print together, for example – we are happy to work within your budget. Please contact or fill out the form below.

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  1. 【 参加受付中!】2024年7月25日(木)「第30回PVビジネスセミナー」
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  3. 【PVビジネスセミナーレポート】2024年度の市場動向は? PPAと蓄電池の最適化モデル...
  4. 蓄電池市場は拡大を継続すると見られ、2040年には8兆円超え⁉
  5. 【東京都】2025年の太陽光発電設備設置義務化に向け、「首都圏初」となる設置事例...
  6. サングロウのエグゼクティブに聞いた日本市場でのビジネス展望。世界が注目するグリーン水素の行方は?...
  7. 太陽光パネルの増設・更新を促進! 2024年度にルール見直し
  8. 専門家に聞いた! 日本に「垂直ソーラー」が必要な理由とは?
  9. 脱原発完遂のドイツの電源構成、どうなるエネルギー費の再高騰リスク?
  10. 「雑草」がエネルギー源に!? 名城大が発電を実演



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